This demo was made in order to give the tracks to prospective vocalists to work on, as up to this time we had been a purely instrumental band. This does not mean we wrote the music without vocals in mind as we always intended to have a vocalist - we just had not found the right one yet..

The demo was recorded and mixed in August/September 2010 and featured our bassist at the time, Martin Szomszor, who left shortly after the new year. It was recorded in the studio we wrote and recorded all the tracks for Telos in which we named The Blue Moon III, and was located in Bermondsey, London.

We made 100 cd’s and put the tracks online, along with a couple of live videos of us playing in our studio. One of these tracks being ‘The Accompaniment Of Shadows’ which we put the audio of on this cd, and the other was a track called ‘Smooth’ which eventually became ‘Osiris’.

All of these tracks ended up on the debut Telos, with ‘This Year’ changing to ‘These Years ’.There were some changes made to all tracks though, structurally, tempo, and parts-wise, before recording began for Telos.

Below is the rear cover of the cd:

We put the tracks everywhere we could think of online and handed the cd’s to people we met at gigs and around London, and got a lot of responses from interested vocalists, well over a hundred people got in touch with us - sending us previous work etc. We contacted the ones who seemed to fit and got them to record something to a track, and then met up with a few in our studio and played live with them. Nobody really seemed right until Braun contacted us after seeing the live video for The Accompaniment Of Shadows on You-Tube.

He came to our studio in February 2011 just after Martin had left, and fitted in perfectly from the start. So, we started work on finishing the album and began to record it. As we had no bassist, all the bass for Telos was written by Lizod and Braun, and played by Lizod on the record. We spoke about the band history and how we met Braun and started working with him in our first Vlog:


2010 DEMO

September 2010 (100 cd copies)
Four track instrumental demo:

1 - Dark Matter
2 - This Year
3 - Everything is Nothing
4 - The Accompaniment of Shadows (live)

Thomas Drew - Drums
Lizod - Guitar
Martin  Szomszor - Bass


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