Isurus are an original and progressive metal band based out of London, UK. They have just released their 2nd full length album titled 'Logocharya' which has been mixed and mastered by Daniel Bergstrand at Dugout Productions.

The band is formed of 3 key members who together form the driving force of the band; Braun Amore (Vocals), David Bonney aka Lizod (Guitar) and Thomas Drew (Drums). Isurus have a unique approach to every aspect of the project stretching from composition to the business side of the band. They do not follow predefined or traditional approaches simply due the frequency with which they have been used in the past and they have a distinctly innovative approach to their work and art.

They pick up where the well known progressive bands of the 60's and 70's, such as King Crimson, left off and instead of rehashing the 'Prog Rock' sound, they push the progressive genre forward by reaching as far as possible artistically as well as applying the progressive mindset in everything they do. This can be heard in their music, seen in their artwork and appreciated in their modern approach to marketing. As an example; they consciously reject almost all aspects of the traditional music business model and instead use modern tools to redefine what it means to be a contemporary band.

In a live setting, Isurus clearly stand out as unique in any line up. Their music is complex and simple, light and dark, calm and aggressive and everywhere in between. This makes for a dynamic live performance and entertaining listening experience.


The current line up of Isurus consists of:
Thomas Drew - Drums
Lizod - Guitar
Braun Amore - Vocals
Daniele Gravina - Bass

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