“Technical dexterity and arrangements...
Their brand of Prog Metal bleeding into areas of Thrash and Melodic Metal. At times calm and restrained yet also capable of providing intensity to give the album the type of variety many bands in the genre struggle to achieve”
- Fireworks Magazine

“Groovy, heavy and powerful' 'this is a great album and well worth checking out”
- Powerplay Magazine

“Adventurous prog rock (think early 80's King Crimson)
but filters it through a modern, somewhat doomy prog metal haze”
- Prog Metal Zone

“Braun Amore certainly has a distinctive voice”
- Prog Magazine

“Elements of both classic-era and more modern progressive rock, Bay Area thrash, alt-rock and tech/math metal are fused into the overall sound... it all comes together to enhance the compositions rather than detract from them; the songs remain at the forefront of the quartets's collective minds, however technical things become”
- Powerplay Magazine

“The band are all excellent, with some fine vocals from Braun Amore, and it has a great body and depth...
Their approach to prog metal is very modern”
- The Rocker

“Great vocals and evocative soundscapes really work well for a band that is determined to break new ground”
- Prog Metal Zone

“They are blessed with a vocalist who not only has a great range but has a kind of effortless power”
- The Blog Of Much Metal

“There's undoubtedly plenty of homework for students of song interpretation to get their teeth into”
- Fireworks Magazine

“An album with great complex songs... an exquisite singer”

“Occasionally, just occasionally, one artist will rise out of the flood of mediocrity and make a big impact upon me.
One such band is Isurus. This is most definitely one of the finds of 2015”
- The Blog Of Much Metal

“Guitarist David Bonney's sound and tone shows his debt to Tool's Adam Jones.
Opus brings RATM's Tom Morello to mind”
- Prog Magazine

“A fine theatrical voice, giant clean megalithic guitar work and straight up, clockwork rhythm section.”
“Logocharya  is an album of honest progressive melodic music and heavy as hell too!!! The production is fantastic”
- Secret Port Records


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